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Please note, if you suspect a gas leak call 911 or your local fire department, as well as the appropriate toll-free emergency telephone number below:

Columbia Gas Transmission:         1-800-835-7191
Columbia Gulf Transmission:         1-866-485-3427
Columbia Midstream:                     1-855-511-4942
Crossroads Pipeline:                      1-800-835-7191
Hardy Storage Company:               1-800-835-7191
Millennium Pipeline:                        1-800-835-7191

For non-emergencies, please call: 1-800-832-3242 

Looking for Assistance or Additional Information?

New Suppliers:
Once the registration process is completed, no further action is required from you until TransCanada contacts you to initiate the qualification process. You will only be contacted if there is a business need to qualify your company, and/or, if we require further information. Note: Material distributors do not require qualification.

Landowners: If you have questions about a lease or right of way agreement, please email or call 304-357-3625.
Media: TransCanada Media Relations

Investors: TransCanada Investor Relations


For natural gas service to your home, please contact your local utility.

If you were unable to find your answer on our website, please submit your question using the form below. We review all submissions and forward them to the appropriate person, department or business. Please note this is a generic submission for CPG and should not be used for customer service inquiries. Please direct customer inquiries to your local company customer service contact included above.

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