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Columbia Gas Transmission

Columbia Gas Transmission transports an average of 3 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day through a nearly 12,000-mile pipeline network and 92 compressor stations in 10 states, serving hundreds of communities. Our customers include local gas distribution companies, energy marketers, electric power generating facilities and hundreds of industrial and commercial end users.

Columbia Gas Transmission also owns and operates one of North America’s largest underground natural gas storage systems that includes 37 storage fields in four states with over 650 billion cubic feet in total capacity. Using depleted natural gas production reservoirs, we safely store gas when demand is low so it can be made available to our customers during times of peak usage.

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Columbia Gulf Transmission

Columbia Gulf Transmission is an interstate pipeline system consisting of approximately 3,400 miles of pipeline and 11 compressor stations with nearly half a million horsepower, located primarily in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Interconnected to virtually every major pipeline system operating in the Gulf Coast, Columbia Gulf provides significant access to both diverse gas supplies and markets. Columbia Gulf provides service to a variety of on-system customers and to pipeline interconnects serving markets in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast.

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Crossroads Pipeline

Crossroads Pipeline is a 202-mile interstate natural gas pipeline operating in Indiana and Ohio. Crossroads Pipeline has multiple interconnects including: Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, Trunkline Gas Company, Vector Pipeline and Panhandle Eastern that allow it to access mid-continent, Rocky Mountain, Gulf Coast, Permian and Canadian supplies. Crossroads accesses markets in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and in the East.

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Hardy Storage Company 

Hardy Storage Company, a joint venture between subsidiaries of Columbia Gas Transmission and Piedmont Natural Gas, has a working storage capacity of 12 billion cubic feet and provides storage services from its West Virginia natural gas storage facility. Columbia Gas Transmission is the operator.

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Millennium Pipeline

Millennium Pipeline, jointly sponsored by subsidiaries of CPG, National Grid, and DTE Energy, provides consumers in the Northeast with additional natural gas infrastructure to meet the growing demand for clean energy. The 230-mile, 30-inch pipeline has the capacity to deliver up to 525,400 dekatherms per day.

For detailed information about the Millennium Pipeline, visit the website at www.millenniumpipeline.com

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Columbia Energy Ventures

Columbia Energy Ventures will oversee the management of Columbia Midstream Services, Energy Interchange and the Columbia partnership companies Millennium Pipeline and Hardy Storage.

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Columbia Midstream Services LLC

Columbia Midstream Services is a wholly-owned entity of CPG. Columbia Midstream was formed to provide specific natural gas producer services including gathering, treatment, conditioning, processing and liquids handling with a focus on the Appalachia Basin.

For detailed information about Columbia Midstream Services, visit the website at www.cpg.com/midstream.

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