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Effective July 1, 2016, TransCanada Corporation acquired Columbia Pipeline Group, Inc., and eventually this website will be retired. TransCanada does not take responsibility for the content of this website as information may be out of date or no longer accurate. Please visit TransCanada.com, or contact TransCanada Media Relations or Investor Relations.


With the eventual retirement of this website please be advised that tariffs can be found by going directly to Informational Postings http://www.columbiapipeinfo.com/ and clicking on the Tariff header.

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Meter Requests

The Meter Request webpage has been moved to:  http://www.columbiapipeinfo.com/

Please be advised we have updated our Meter Request process.  All existing customers must submit a request for a new userID and password by going to http://www.columbiapipeinfo.com/ > Meter Request Process > Meter Request System

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