Our Supplier Program

Our Supplier Program

Our supplier relationships are vital to our operations and the delivery of safe, reliable services to our customers. We use a competitive process and select suppliers with demonstrated experience, qualifications and innovative measures.

Suppliers that meet our procurement specifications and standards of excellence have an opportunity to compete in delivering products and services to CPG and our customers. We select suppliers that demonstrate:

    •   Proven safety record
    •   Environmental commitment
    •   Cost competitiveness
    •   Understanding of utility business
    •   Good financial standing
    •   Proficient use of technology
    •   Ability to grow with CPG

TransCanada Corporation’s Code of Business Ethics

Learn more about TransCanada’s Code of Business Ethics.

Contact Us

For questions about the supplier program, or to inquire about becoming a supplier to TransCanada, please consult the TransCanada website at www.transcanada.com/contractor-vendor-registration.html.

Once the registration process is completed, no further action is required from you until TransCanada contacts you to initiate the qualification process. You will only be contacted if there is a business need to qualify your company, and/or, if we require further information. Note: Material distributors do not require qualification.