Current Projects

Meeting Our Customers' Needs

At Columbia Pipeline Group, we’re investing in a broad array of value-adding pipeline infrastructure projects that support long-term system safety and reliability and will help meet our nation’s growing needs for energy. We are focused on customer-driven energy solutions and are developing a compelling inventory of transmission and storage projects that address our customers’ changing needs.

A centerpiece of our strategy is the ongoing development and delivery of new infrastructure projects that capitalize on our core gas transmission and storage assets and our unparalleled geographic footprint in the Marcellus Shale production area. With our extensive Appalachian region presence, we support the entire transportation process, from supply aggregation and transportation to market centers, to storage and downstream transportation.

We also are investing in new infrastructure to serve increased demand for new gas-fired electric generation, as well as investing in our current assets, to maintain the reliability and integrity of our energy delivery system.