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For more information about the E-Systems project, please contact Zane Daniels, Manager, Community Relations and Stakeholder Outreach at (614) 855-5625 or Zane_Daniels@transcanada.com.

General questions or comments may also be submitted toll free to our landowner hotline at (888) 499-3450.

Menifee, Montgomery, Bath, Nicholas, Robertson and Bracken Counties, Kentucky

Investing in Kentucky’s Energy Infrastructure

The proposed E-Systems Project includes the replacement and modernization of approximately 22 miles of bare steel pipeline and the modification of two accompanying pipelines to make them ready for “pigging”. Pigging refers to the inserting of devices known as “pigs” into the pipeline to move through the pipeline for various cleaning and inspection purposes. “Pigs” are important tools that provide us with detailed information regarding the condition and operability of our transmission lines.

This roughly $97 million investment will bring new construction jobs to Northeast Kentucky and additional tax revenue to local communities while providing a more safe and reliable delivery system for our customers throughout the region.

Understanding Bare Steel Pipelines

Bare steel pipelines were widely installed throughout the country for the transmission of natural gas until the 1970s. Current standards require the use of corrosion resistant materials that improve the overall safety, integrity and reliability of the pipeline. The proposed E-Systems Project is part of Columbia Gas Transmission’s comprehensive pipeline infrastructure investment plan that replaces aging infrastructure to improve public safety, customer reliability and service.

Partnering With Landowners, Protecting the Environment

For decades, we’ve worked with communities across our company footprint to ensure that questions are answered and needs are addressed. Our E-Systems Project team will be working closely with landowners and local officials in the area to make certain they are informed of the process. From the initial civil and environmental surveys we conduct to ensure our project is constructed safely and with minimal environmental impact, to the careful post-construction land restoration activities we implement, our infrastructure investments are designed with long-term community partnerships in mind.

Environmental stewardship is not only a critical component of our day-to-day operations, it is central to the E-Systems Project design and approval. Our environmental permitting team will be working closely with federal and in some cases state natural resource protection agencies to minimize our impact on local land and resources.

Our Commitment to Safety

Operating safely is at the core of everything we do. Through more than a century of operating experience and technological innovation, our companies and partners in the natural gas pipeline industry have developed one of the most reliable energy transportation networks in the world.

Our employees work daily to maintain a safe pipeline system by adhering to comprehensive federal safety standards, educating and working with local stakeholders, carefully planning construction projects, and closely monitoring our facilities to find problems before they become safety concerns