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For more information about the Line MB Extension project, please contact Brittany Carns, Manager, Community Relations and Stakeholder Outreach at (304) 357-2771 or

General questions or comments may also be submitted toll free to our landowner hotline at (888) 499-3450.

Project Overview

Columbia Gas Transmission owns and operates a nearly 12,000-mile pipeline network in ten states that for decades has continued to deliver part of the energy resources used by communities in Maryland and across the region and eastern United States.

As part of our commitment to continue to safely and reliably meet the energy needs of the region, Columbia will be proposing to enhance existing facilities, including approximately 21-miles of new pipeline along the existing Line MA pipeline in Baltimore and Harford Counties, Maryland.

Public Involvement and Timing

For this project, Columbia will be filing an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) seeking a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. 

The FERC is the agency that has primary jurisdiction over interstate natural gas pipeline projects. The FERC conducts a thorough environmental review and also reviews and considers comments from stakeholders before authorizing a project. The FERC works to assure that natural gas facilities are necessary to consumers and compatible with the environment.

Columbia Gas Transmission is engaging in the FERC’s pre-filing process to involve stakeholders in planning to help identify and resolve issues before an official project application is submitted to the FERC. More information on the pre-filing process is available at the FERC’s web site,

Columbia entered the pre-filing process in January 2012, and plans to submit its formal application in the fall of 2012. The pre-filing docket number for the project is PF12-06.  Open houses, meetings with landowners and stakeholders, and a toll-free information line are some of the ways our project team will be reaching out to landowners, communities and agencies during the pre-filing process and application review.


The first stage when planning new facilities is to make sure they are designed, constructed and operated safely and in a way that protects and minimizes impacts to natural and cultural resources. During the design phase of a project, Columbia and its contractors conduct a variety of preconstruction surveys in areas where a facility may be located or other access necessary. Landowners are contacted to inform them of the proposed project and to begin any necessary surveys.

Questions and Answers

I am a landowner along the pipeline. How will I be notified if I am impacted?
Affected landowners along the right of way should receive information from both Columbia and the FERC once the formal application review is underway. In addition, Columbia hosted four open houses in early March along the project area to provide residents and communities an opportunity to speak with team members and to learn more about the project.

Are natural gas pipelines safe?
Designing, building and operating safe, reliable and environmentally sound natural gas facilities is our sole mission, and it's one we take seriously. Our facilities are designed and built to strict industry and regulatory standards. Once in operation, they receive ongoing inspections and maintenance, and are kept under continuous electronic monitoring, 24- hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Read more in the public awareness brochure we mail regularly to residents and emergency responders in our operating territory.

Can I get natural gas service to my home?

Columbia Gas Transmission operates the pipelines that deliver gas to local gas distribution companies. The distribution companies in turn deliver gas to homes and businesses. If you want natural gas service at your home, contact the local gas distribution company in your area. If local gas delivery is not available, check your phone directory for bottled gas, propane or other energy providers.