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For more information about the Utica Access project, please contact Brittany Carns, Manager, Community Relations and Stakeholder Outreach at (304) 357-2771 or Brittany_Carns@transcanada.com.

General questions or comments may also be submitted toll free to our landowner hotline at (888) 499-3450.

Project Overview

As part of Columbia Pipeline Group's commitment to safely and reliably meet the energy demand needs of the region, we are proposing a roughly $45 million investment in new infrastructure in Kanawha County, which includes 5 miles of new pipeline, modifications to existing compression facilities and enhancing safety technology to more closely monitor our pipeline system.

Continued Investment

For decades, West Virginia has served as the operational headquarters and backbone of the Columbia Pipeline system. We provide much needed and good paying jobs to hundreds of residents who live and work in the Mountain State. Additionally, we have an active charitable giving program supporting projects that directly improve the quality of life of all West Virginians. Ongoing improvements to our infrastructure in the state will total in the hundreds of millions of dollars over the next several years.

Working with Stakeholders

For decades we’ve been working with communities during construction, operation and maintenance of our facilities and the Utica Access project will be no different. Early planning of these new facilities will ensure they are designed, constructed and operated safely and in a way that protects and minimizes impacts to natural and cultural resources. Columbia and their representatives will conduct surveys to gather information and determine the impact this project will have on natural and cultural resources.  Affected landowners along the proposed pipeline route will be contacted to arrange for surveys to be conducted. Once information is analyzed and an initial route is determined, Columbia will begin discussions with landowners to for land access. Concurrently, Columbia will be seeking relevant permits and approvals from federal and state agencies to operate these facilities.


Columbia plans to submit the Utica Access proposal to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for approval in January of 2015. Columbia will be actively engaging landowners and other stakeholders to determine the appropriate route and location of our facilities. Moreover, both Columbia and FERC will notify stakeholders of important regulatory filings. Upon receiving FERC approval to construct and operate these facilities, Columbia will notify stakeholders of the construction schedule. For further information on the FERC process for approving facilities, please see the FERC Brochure titled An Interstate Natural Gas Facility on My Land? What do I need to know?”.

Commitment to Safety

Operating safely is at the core of everything we do. Through more the a century of operating experience and technological innovation, our companies and partners have developed one of the safest and most reliable pipeline system in the United States. Our employees work daily to maintain a safe pipeline systems by adhering to comprehensive federal safety standards, working with and educating local stakeholders, carefully planning construction, and closely monitoring our facilities.