Current Projects

Current Projects

Majorsville Gathering System and Compressor Station

Project Overview

The Majorsville Gathering System is a 46-mile pipeline that transports liquid-rich Marcellus gas from Washington and Greene Counties in Pennsylvania, and from Marshall County in West Virginia, to the MarkWest Liberty Majorsville Processing Plant. It includes a 7,100 horsepower natural gas compressor station located in Dallas, West Virginia. The system was developed as part of the first integrated gathering and processing system serving Marcellus production in southwest Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia.

Construction Overview

The construction team re-purposed assets to meet an expedited project delivery schedule during the initial construction of the system. The compressor station underwent an upgrade in 2013, expanding the capacity of the system by 1,800 horsepower. The expansion not only increased the reliability of the system to customers, but also increased the throughput by 70-80 million cubic feet per day.

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