Gas Emergencies

Recognizing a Gas Leak

Leaks on interstate natural gas pipelines are rare, but it is still important to know how to recognize the signs of a leak and what steps to take if one were to occur in your area. If you suspect an emergency at a Columbia Pipeline Group (CPG) facility, please call 911 or your local fire department and the local CPG facility's emergency contacts.

If you suspect a leak, watch for one or more of the following signs:


  • For dirt being blown or appearing to be thrown into the air.
  • For water bubbling or being blown into the air at a pond, creek, river or other wet areas.
  • For fire coming from the ground or appearing to burn above the ground.
  • For dead or dying vegetation on or near a pipeline right of way in an otherwise green area.
  • For a dry or frozen spot on the right of way.


  • For a roaring, blowing or hissing sound.


  • For a gas or petroleum odor (in some pipelines, gas may not be odorized). 

If you suspect a pipeline leak:


  • Turn off and abandon any motorized equipment.
  • Leave the area quickly.
  • Warn others to stay away.
  • From a safe place, call your local fire department and the appropriate CPG toll-free emergency number.


  • Use open flames or anything that may spark ignition,including cell phones, lights, and appliances.
  • Attempt to operate pipeline valves.
  • If you have gas service and you detect a natural gas odor in your home or business, leave the area.