Safety Initiatives

Dial 811 When Planning Any Digging or Construction Project

Whether you are planning to build a major development or simply landscape your property, do it safely. Under the "Call Before You Dig" program, homeowners, excavators and contractors throughout the nation can now simply dial toll-free 811 to have underground facilities marked at no charge.

Placing a phone call to 811 (or dialing your state's One-Call center) will enable utilities in your area to mark where lines are buried, protecting you from injury, expense and possible penalties.

If dialing 811 doesn’t connect you to your State One-Call center, read about your state’s program here.


For more information about constructing and digging safely near Columbia Pipeline Group facilities, please read our Minimum Guidelines for Construction near Natural Gas Pipeline Facilities.

Land Use Planning and Transmission Pipelines

Pipeline safety can be enhanced by making risk-informed decisions for land use planning and development near transmission pipelines.

Pipelines play a key role in delivering our nation’s energy. Many people don’t realize the importance of our nation’s natural gas transmission pipeline network carrying our country’s daily energy supplies. These invisible highways span more than 300,000 miles across the United States, carrying natural gas safely from supply regions to customers throughout the country.

Many transmission pipelines were constructed in sparsely populated rural areas; however, community growth has turned many of these once rural areas into urban and suburban areas with residential, commercial and industrial development.

To assist communities in making better land use planning and development decisions related to pipelines, PHMSA initiated and supports the Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA).

For more information about PIPA, please visit